Blasphemy! Super Bowl XLV Won’t Have Any Cheerleaders

  • Dan Fogarty

In one of the more unAmerican tidbits of news you’ll hear all day, this year’s Super Bowl in Dallas will not have any cheerleaders.

Again, I repeat: the Super Bowl will not have cheerleaders.

The reason? The Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers are two of just six teams in the NFL who don’t have cheerleading squads (the others: the Cleveland Browns, the Chicago Bears, the Detroit Lions, and the New York Giants). Since teams usually bring their own cheerleaders with them to the Super Bowl, this year, it looks like there won’t be any.

As the Dallas Morning News notes, the Packers were one of the first teams to use cheerleaders in 1931. But in 1988, the team disbanded its professional cheering squad, and since 2007, the Packers have used college cheerleaders, but “only in a limited role at home games.”

The last time the Steelers had a cheerleading squad was in 1969, when the Steelerettes (a group of students from Robert Morris Junior College in Pittsburgh) cheered for them.

Message to Jerry Jones: now is the time to act. If you ever wanted to become the most-loved pro sports owner in America, you’ll have the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders on the sidelines during the Super Bowl.

Here’s Yahoo’s original report on the cheerleaderless Super Bowl.

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