This Week In Great Radio Rants: A Kansas City Host Who Just Wants The Chiefs To Stop Pooping On Fans

  • Glenn Davis

Sports radio’s a crowded market. In just about any city, you’re looking at an uphill climb to even make a name for yourself locally. Becoming nationally known? It’s damn near impossible – unless you take matters into your own hands. What do we mean? We mean losing your shit on the air.

Look at Dan Sileo. It worked for him. How many people outside the Miami area talked about him when he wasn’t suggesting that Miami players knife opposing quarterbacks? And how many talked about him when he did? Exactly.

And now, just a week removed from Sileo’s turn on the national stage, we have someone else following that general “lose your mind on the air” template: Kansas City host Bob Fescoe, pictured above at left in much happier times. And as an added bonus, Fescoe’s rant didn’t even enter uncomfortable “use weapons on opposing players” territory. No, Fescoe is just hopping mad that the Chiefs suck – and the Royals being in the same town doesn’t help matters. And Fescoe wanted the Chiefs to know just how much they’re disappointing – and performing unpleasant bodily functions on – everyone who roots for them:

Getting pooped on is one thing. Getting pooped on and crapped on? Why, you should be ashamed of yourselves, Chiefs.


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