Bob Marley’s Legacy Lives On..In The NFL?

Bob Marley’s Legacy Lives On..In The NFL?
  • Cam Littlejohn

The legendary reggae singer Bob Marley, is still showing traces of his existence but not how one would expect. Bob Marley’s grandson, Nico Marley, was just picked up by the Washington Redskins as an undrafted linebacker. Nico Marley played all four years of his collegiate career at Tulane University.

Blessed to officially be apart of the @redskins organization!

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But Nico is more than just the Marley name. He is Tulane’s all-time leader in tackles for loss, standing at 5’8″ and 200 pounds. Even with these amazing feats, Marley was not invited to the combine but eventually got a workout with the Redskins in which he earned himself a spot on the roster. Heart over height seems to the case in this scenario.

Some of you, as well as NFL coaches and owners, might be thinking the grandson of the infamous weed smoker, Bob Marley, might not be such a good idea. But not to worry, Nico’s dad, Rohan Marley, who played at the University of Miami alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ray Lewis, assured that marijuana would not be a problem for his son.

Nico looks to make a name for himself but always remembers where he came from and who helped him get to where he is today. Although he never met his grandfather, he listens to him before his games to “get relaxed and in the zone”. We hope to see only good from Nico Marley in this upcoming season, and one thing can be said for certain; talent sure does run in that family.