Note To Boston Mayor Wearing Vince Wilfork Jersey: It’s “Wilfork,” Not “Wilcock”

  • Dylan Murphy

Thomas Menino is the mayor of Boston, and he supports Boston athletes. In a recent phone conversation with Baltimore’s mayor, which was, for whatever reason, videotaped by the media, Menino began to rattle off the names of some New England Patriots in some pseudo-macho city brag-off. Except Menino doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to, er, pronouncing their names. So after rattling off Tom Brady’s and Stevan Ridley’s names, he moved on to another player, whose jesey he happened to be wearing: Vince Wilcock.

WILFORK. Not cock. no cock. Wilfork. But seriously, Menino’s up on all the latest injury news, with Hernandez stepping in for “Gonk” and all.