Sam Bradford Has A Torn ACL, So It’s Tebow (Rumor) Time In St. Louis

  • Eric Goldschein

sam bradford torn acl

First, the bad news: Sam Bradford suffered a torn ACL yesterday and is done for the season. It’s an absolutely horrible turn of events for Bradford, who showed slight improvement over the last few weeks and will enter the 2014 season with no guarantee that he’ll be on the Rams roster (he’s due over $14 million in non-guaranteed money next year).

Now, the even worse news: The Rams let slip that someone in the organization at least said Tim Tebow’s name outloud, and now rumors are swirling that he could get a shot joining the team.

It all started with this, after Bradford went down and the injury looked serious:

But Silver was quick to clarify the report. From the ensuing post on

A Rams source told NFL Media columnist Michael Silver on Sunday that the team has at least internally discussed the possibility of signing Tim Tebow, though it is highly unlikely it actually will happen…

Kellen Clemens is the Rams’ backup, and no other quarterback is on the roster. They need to add someone to the mix, but we can’t imagine them wanting to bring in Tebow unless he had a real chance to get on the field.

Other writers (Jason La Canfora, Bomani Jones) around the web were also quick to dismiss the possibility of Tebow getting signed.

But we have to ask: Why would a report leak of Tebow getting consideration if there wasn’t some merit to it? If it was worth a Rams source disclosing the conversation(s?) to Mike Silver, it must have been a conversation lasting longer than, say, this:

Rams Official #1: Hey, guys, so since we have no other options at quarterback besides Kellen Clemens, should we maybe think about bringing in Tim Tebow for a worko–
Everyone Else On Rams Team: NO!
Rams Official: #1: Alright, alright.

[Rams Official #1 evolves into Rams Source, leaks information to Mike Silver]

Tebow isn’t a solution at quarterback for the Rams. But at the moment, the Rams have nothing, literally, nothing going for them at quarterback. Whoever they sign off the street to back up Clemens isn’t going to be their QB of the future, and Bradford is turning out to be a high-priced disappointment. When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose. I wouldn’t mind Tebow getting a shot in St. Louis — except for the fact that plenty of other slightly-more-deserving backup quarterback types are out there waiting for their chance, and that the media would have a collective boner-heart attack over the news, particularly ESPN, which would probably just set itself on fire and run in circles for the next 10 weeks.

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