Brady Quinn Desperately Begging For The Snap That Comes Too Late On Fourth Down Is So Very Kansas City Chiefs

  • Dylan Murphy

The Oakland Raiders shut out the Kanas City Chiefs yesterday by a score of 15-0, an underwhelming game between two underwhelming teams. That Kansas City did not put any points on the board shouldn’t come as a shock, especially in the context of their offensive point totals in games since Week 5: 6, 10, 16, 13, 13, 6, 9, 27, 7, 0. That’s an average of 10.7 points per game.

So when the Chiefs faced 4th and goal from the 4-yard line down 12-0 near the end of the 3rd quarter, there wasn’t really much of a choice. Except Romeo Crennel’s decision counted on that 4-yard distance being, and staying at, 4 yards. He probably didn’t anticipate guard-turned-center Ryan Lilja just, well, not snapping the ball, earning a five-yard delay of game penalty and pushing the Chiefs back to the 9.

As for whose to blame, that’s difficult to say. Either Quinn or Lilja could have bungled the snap count. But at the very least, you’d think Lilja would notice Quinn desperately begging for the ball, clapping and stomping and flailing and gesticulating in every way known to man. Then again this is the Kansas City Chiefs, so things like this invariably transpire. And if you couldn’t guess by the score of the game, Quinn threw a one-yard pass to Jamaal Charles on 4th and 9.