Tom Brady, Gisele, And Wes Welker Smooth Things Over On A Beach In Costa Rica

  • Dan Fogarty

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, Patriots receiver Wes Welker, and Wes Welker’s new fiance, former Ms. Hooters international Anna Burns all trekked out to Bundchen’s Central American beach house for some vacation time following New England’s Super Bowl loss to the Giants.

This is news for no other reason than a) it confirms that Brady is not still sitting, shellshocked and in full pads, inside the locker room at Lucas Oil Stadium, and that b) the creepy video taken by the Costa Rican paparazzi shows Gisele and Welker talking, so the divide between her and the Pats receivers can’t be too great, her post-Super-Bowl comments aside. Oh, and the video also provides definitive proof that Tom Brady’s wife is in fact taller than his number one receiving option. Video can be viewed here (non-embeddable).

[X17 Online]