Brandon Marshall Will Not Cheer For Packers This Weekend, Does Not Understand How Playoff Scenarios Work

  • Dylan Murphy

Despite being drafted in 2006, Brandon Marshall has never made the playoffs. The Chicago Bears are currently on the brink of securing an NFC Wild Card spot, needing only a victory in Detroit this weekend and a Green Bay win over Minnesota. Both are the favored scenarios, and it seems more than likely that Chicago will make the playoffs.

But this is football, and weird shit happens. In 2008, Philadelphia needed a miracle to make the playoffs. The 13-point underdog Oakland Raiders, led by JaMarcus Russell, had to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Houston Texans, before they were any good, had to take out a decent Chicago team. Both things miraculously happened, and Philadelphia beat Dallas on Sunday night to sneak in. Jon Gruden was also fired after ending the season on a four-game skid and missing the playoffs, so you can thank Andy Reid for his weekly quarterback drooling on Monday Night Football.

The point is that miracles happen and there are no certainties. The Giants, for example, need Detroit to beat Chicago, Washington to beat Dallas and Green Bay to beat Minnesota. So they’ll be pulling for the Packers, too. Well most of the Bears, at least, because Brandon Marshall does not understand how the playoffs work.

Via Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune:

“‘I’m not cheering for anybody but the Bears,” he said. ‘Yeah, that’s how it is. We put ourselves in this position and right now it could be a good position. You never know how things will work out. But all we can do is beat Detroit and sit back and have a cup of coffee and see what happens at that afternoon game.'”

Look, guys, this is all very confusing, scenarios and situations and such. He just wants to win, relax and snack on some McDonald’s.