Brandon Spikes Tweeted About Giving Santa Cocaine and Jack Daniels, And He Isn’t Deleting It

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Brandon Spikes decided that he’d make a funny joke last night, about Christmas Eve.

It’s been almost a day, and Spikes hasn’t deleted the tweet. He did tweet a blank space nine minutes later, though, and hasn’t deleted it either. So maybe he doesn’t know how.

But wait, there’s more, right after the spaces!

And, wait for it… just a few more minutes later!

You know, you could’ve said Red Bull and cookies…

Of course, this isn’t that big of a deal, and the joke was even mildly funny. But the little kids that follow their favorite player probably weren’t expecting a joke about blow. It’s never a good idea to be tweeting about cocaine and alcohol in general, especially when seven-time winner for Coach With Stick Lodged Most Deeply In Ass, Bill Belichick, is your coach.

Do I care? Of course not. But you should probably delete your tweet, Brandon, rather than begging HATERZ to unfollow and continuing your normal tweeting habits.

Ah, much better. And, obviously, it’s the first one.