BREAKING NEWS: Skip Bayless Thinks The Seahawks Play In The AFC

  • Jake O'Donnell

ESPN bloopersSkip Bayless is known for making a scene on television. More power to him: he’s talking about sports, and sports don’t really matter, so it’s fun to be a little kookie sometimes in your rhetoric. We all do it. We all egg our friends into heated arguments about trivial shit because it’s a way of getting out those charged emotions without offending someone’s sensibilities and world view. The trouble is, if you’re going to make a stink, you have to be ready to be called out for farting.

Take a whiff of this…

Really Skip? You think the Seahawks are a threat to New England in the AFC? How much time exactly do you spend reading/watching/talking/thinking about pro sports, Skip? In all your years, have you not committed to memory which teams are in which conference? I mean, the stratification of teams in the NFL is probably the most difficult of all the leagues to figure out, because it really makes zero sense. But that still shouldn’t stop a guy, who covers sports for the better part of his life, to know off hand that the Seahawks are an NFC team.

He hasn’t removed the post, which has now been up for 11 hours. Feel free to comment on it. We know Richard Sherman will…

[Photo via Twitter]