Breaking: The Richard Sherman Owl Is Missing!

  • Rick Chandler

Washington State police are asking citizens to be on the lookout for a stolen owl named Sherman. Who? Sherman. Who? You know, named for Richard Sherman of the Seahawks. Who? The Seattle cornerback. Who? *Sigh*.

San Francisco Chronicle:

The 14-year-old tawny owl was taken Friday from a building on the Raptor House property in the small Yakima Valley city of Selah, the Yakima County sheriff’s office said.

Shannon Dalan, who helps run the sanctuary with his wife, Marsha, said it was obvious the owl didn’t fly the coop on his own: Someone took off a lock to the building, removed latches and unhooked the leash holding the owl.

Word is that tawny owls are worth as much as $4,000 on the black market, and I can only assume that they are being bought by supervillains, who use them to decorate their lairs. Or, Harry Potter enthusiasts who can’t afford stamps.

Actually this is very uncool, and we shouldn’t make light of it. Small rodents are not too broken up over the news, however.

So will the actual Richard Sherman put some money where his very large mouth is and help raise a reward for Sherman’s safe return?