Tim Tebow Will Sign With The Patriots And Is Expected In Camp Tomorrow

  • Eric Goldschein

Not only does Bill Belichick not hate Tim Tebow — his organization apparently likes him enough to revive young man’s career:

For months, Tebow has been more “butt of joke” than “legitimate NFL player,” receiving offers from the CFL and LFL (that’s Legends, not Lingerie, Football League) rather than NFL teams. Many believed that the inspiring but polarizing player was finished in the NFL, thanks to both his lack of skill as a true quarterback and the circus that follows him everywhere.

But the Patriots — an organization that has made a habit of taking on difficult projects — apparently believe that Tebow is worth the inevitable media shit-storm. It may have something to do with Josh McDaniels, who drafted the QB back in 2010 for the Broncos. Don’t you love it when stories come full circle?

Now Tebow will back up one of the league’s all-time greats and could fight for reps behind Ryan Mallett. Doesn’t sound like much fun, but it’s probably better than the alternative.

UPDATE: Rather than compete at QB, this makes a lot more sense for both sides:

A pass-catching, party-hearty trio of Gronkowski (who may be sidelined awhile — possibly another reason this deal went through?), Tebow and Hernandez? Hard Knocks, you better snag the Pats this year.