Watch Brian Banks Try Out With The Seahawks, Get Invited To Minicamp

  • Glenn Davis

You’ve seen the story of Brian Banks, the former hotshot high school football prospect who spent five years in prison for a rape the alleged victim later admitted never happened. You’ve seen Banks mark his new life as a free man with a Tonight Show appearance. But what you probably haven’t seen yet is Banks’ attempt to resume his football career, which was once so promising.

Well, that changes now. Banks mentioned his upcoming tryout with the Seahawks to Jay Leno, and when he arrived for that tryout, the Seahawks were filming. And aside from the obvious rust from having not played football in a decade, and never beyond high school, Banks looked pretty good, under the circumstances. He measured in at 6-foot-2, 239 pounds, he ran the 40-yard dash in the 4.6-4.7-second range… and he earned a minicamp invite.

What happens now? Who knows. Carroll warned not to expect too much in his typical Carroll-positive-spin way (“It’s going to take him some time and I think our expectations need to be fitted to that”), but the fact that Banks’ story has even progressed to this point is remarkable in itself – and it looks right now like no matter what the ending to that story is, it’ll be a whole lot better than it looked like it would be even a few weeks ago. Video of Banks’ tryout below – Carroll tells him he’s invited to minicamp at the two-minute mark.

[h/t Chris Littmann]