The Gnarliest Fingers In Sports

  • Dan Fogarty

Are you a wide receiver in the NFL? Or a power forward in the NBA? Are you a weekend warrior, who plays catcher for your rec league baseball team? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then there’s a good chance that you have terribly disfigured fingers.

It’s true! Sports can do a number on your hands, and whether it’s a bullet pass thrown by your quarterback, a rebound hitting your digits at a weird angle, or even a foul ball making contact with your mitt in an awkward place, dislocated fingers are one of those signs that you’ve played years of ball. In celebration of these particularly nasty battle scars, we’ve collected some of the gnarliest fingers in sport. Enjoy.

Shawn Marion, forward, Dallas Mavericks

Michael Strahan, former defensive end, New York Giants

Anthony Munoz, former offensive lineman, Cincinnati Bengals

Torry Holt, former wide receiver, St. Louis Rams

Brian Baldinger, former offensive lineman, Dallas Cowboys

Marcellus Wiley, former defensive end, San Diego Chargers

Bryce Phillips, freeskier

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Images via Star-Telegram, Tirico Suave, Terez Owens FanIQ, ESPN, Buzz On Broad