Broncos’ John Moffitt, 27, Walks Away From NFL, Will Now Play For The Dalai Lama

  • Rick Chandler

John Moffitt may have left $1.8 million on the table with his abrupt departure from the Denver Broncos today, but he’s sure to make that up when the Dalai Lama, the teachings of whom he’s been studying for two years, bestows him with total consciousness on his death bed.

So he’s got that going for him.

Although he’s calling it quits for a slightly different reason, the Broncos’ guard, like Miami’s Jonathan Martin, is an NFL lineman who one day in the middle of the season just packed up his stuff and said “If you notice me getting smaller, that’s because I’m leaving.”

And the Broncos are 7-1. That’s some statement. Although Moffitt was a non-starter who had played in two games this season.

Moffitt, a third-year veteran who came to the Broncos on Aug. 20 from the Seattle Seahawks, up and quit today: saying that being rich has never been important to him, and that he wants to leave while he still has his health.

“I think it’s really madness to risk your body, risk your well-being and risk your happiness for money,” Moffitt told The Associated Press. “Everybody, they just don’t get it and they think it’s crazy. But I think what I was doing is crazy.” Moffitt says he doesn’t want to be a “poster boy” for anti-football crusaders. Too late for that. The fact is he just told the NFL to take its meat-pulverizer of a job and shove it.

At least Moffitt has a sense of humor about it all (see above tweet).

Moffitt majored in sociology at the University of Wisconsin and studies the Dalai Lama and Noam Chomsky.

USA Today:

The Broncos have five days to formally release Moffitt, who left more than $1 million on the table, including about $312,000 for the remainder of this season and more than $700,000 in salary next season.

It’s a well-known fact that the Dalai Lama scours the NFL’s reserved/left list for mid-season pickups.

The Lama tweeted this today, as if directly addressing the Moffitt situation: