Game Of Madden Leads To Brawl, Arrests

  • Dan Fogarty

Two brothers have been charged with domestic abuse after a game of Madden led to a fight in their Racine, Wisconsin apartment complex.

According to the Journal Times, Michael Mayweather, 21, and Abrey Mayweather, 19, were playing the football video game of note on Monday afternoon in Abrey’s apartment, when Michael started to get angry over his loss (and, allegedly, his brother’s name calling).

Abrey got up to fight with his brother outside, and it was then that Michael tried locking his brother out of the apartment (a genius move, by the way). The two then reportedly “jostled with one another, eventually ripping the door off its hinges and forcing the developing brawl into the hallway.”

According to the complaint, one witness told police the brothers as “really rolling,” and explained that Michael had his little brother secured in a headlock.

Abrey allegedly told police that Michael was choking him and had punched him in the face.

Authorities received five different calls about the fracas from people in Mayweather’s apartment complex. Also, just to add another wrinkle to this story, Michael was spending four nights a week at Abrey’s apartment because “it is much more convenient for him because it is closer to his probation officer and anger management class.”

Still, you know what? No judgements here. Our very own Dylan Murphy chronicled the insanity that one can be driven to while playing the greatest sports video game of all time. And I can attest that that insanity is exponentiated when the person you’re playing against is a shit-talker. My roommate’s younger brother, Willie, is a famous Madden shit-talker, and there have been numerous occasions when I’ve wanted to punch him in his stupid, cheating, “I’m going to exploit the same audibles repeatedly and call you a dumbass while I do it” face.

Jeez. Forgot where I was for a second. This is what Madden does, folks. Turns honest, God-fearing Americans into savage beasts. The game should be outlawed.