Browns Bro, Bills Bro Brawl

  • Glenn Davis

An NFL game is an intense environment for the bros of the world. You pack that many bros in one place – bros with differing wishes regarding the outcome of the event they’re attending, mind you, not to mention many bros with beer muscles – and some bro confrontations are likely. So we can’t say we’re shocked that Busted Coverage uncovered a video of a Browns-supporting bro and a Bills-supporting bro getting into it at the teams’ game yesterday. What was interesting, though, was… is it just us, or is there a sizable age disparity between the two main bro combatants?

And not only that, but OldBro clearly got the best of this matchup. He’s in control of the action from start to finish. When the fight moves down a couple rows, it’s because he threw BrownsBro down those couple rows. And he continued brohandling him from there. BrownsBro, just like the team he supports, never had a chance. It’s almost like starting fights in the stands at sporting events is not the best idea in the world. And for more NFL bro fight videos (and the occasional fan-player smack talk incident), check Busted Coverage.

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