Whoa: The Browns Traded Trent Richardson To The Colts

  • Eric Goldschein

trent richardson

According to Adam Schefter, the Colts have acquired Trent Richardson from the Cleveland Browns in exchange for a first round draft pick. It’s a crazy bit of news, considering Richardson was expected to be a cornerstone of the Browns rebuilding process. So much for that!

From the insider himself:

Two games into the 2013 season and the Browns are already calling it a year. That means that the Browns have potentially given up on both of their first round picks from 2011 (QB Brandon Weeden is injured and Brian Hoyer will start this weekend) in exchange for a future first rounder (2014) and an undrafted dude from Michigan State.

Richardson was off to a slow start this year with an average of just 3.4 yards per carry, but ran for almost 1,000 yards in 2012 despite suffering injuries and playing on a terrible team. The jury was, and continues to be, out on the Alabama product. But it appears the Browns ain’t got time for that.

It’s a good move for Richardson, who will get to slide right into a major role on a contending team in Indianapolis. He’ll learn from another hard runner behind — in front of? –Ahmad Bradshaw (though rumors are now swirling that Bradshaw could go back to the Giants) and look to become the team’s premier back. And as Schefter points out:

So, everybody wins? Except for ESPN the NFL, which now has to trash all those Trent Richardson-in-a-Browns-uniform fantasy football commercials.