American Family Assocation’s Bryan Fischer: Openly Gay Players In The NFL Would Cause “Grenade-Like Explosion”

  • Joe Levine

American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer thinks gays shouldn’t be in the NFL because the sexual tension would cause a “grenade-like explosion” in the locker room. Let’s explore the implications of such a claim.

First, the full story. On Fischer’s radio show “Focal Point,” Fischer addressed the recent news that NFL teams are questions Manti Te’o’s sexual orientation leading up the NFL Draft by praising them for doing so, disregarding that it’s illegal and instead saying that it’s necessary because having gays in an NFL locker room would cause a “grenade-like explosion” that would destroy a team.

Don’t just take my word for it, take a look for yourself:

So much talk about sexual tension in the locker room, morale, “unit cohesion,” “grenade-like explosions,” teams lacking readiness as a result… does Fischer think have gays in the NFL will lead to some kind of Sodom and Gemmorah scenario wherein Tom Brady is eventually turned into a pillar of salt?

I can understand why he’d think so. I mean, look at what’s happened in every other workplace that not only allows women and men to work together, but actually permits gay women and men to work together. So much sexual tension, so many grenade-like explosions of raw sexuality: desks violently cleared, underwear strewn with reckless abandon, raw butt cheeks pressed against important documents, windows, and water coolers. Even Caligula would blush as our modern-day Rome burns with the fire of the loins of so many homosexuals.

Wait, that’s not happening? Men and women of any sexual preference are able to work together without succumbing to their animal instinct to fornicate at all time? Fischer’s homophobic rant is typical of the age-old homophobic assumption that gay men want to have sex with every man they meet? My whole world has just been shattered.

Big ups to Bryan Fischer for being a disgusting homophobe on public airways. Doing so makes it so much easier to add him and American Family Association to the list of people and companies that are morally bankrupt.

BONUS: Fischer also later ranted about how President Obama is soulless, narcissistic, and views people as Sim City characters. Not really sports related, but worth watching to put the rest of the story in the proper context of an old white bigot wallowing in his unhinged insanity.

Via Right Wing Watch