Better Super Bowl Confection: Buffalo Wing Cupcake, Or Bill Belichick Hoodie Cupcake?

  • Glenn Davis

Super Bowl Sunday is a day of excessive eating as much as it is a day of football, putting foodsmiths everywhere into a frenzied competition for eaters’ attention – and, if you’re, say, a bakery, dollars. And one of the foodstuffs that lends itself best to creativity: the cupcake. We already talked about one creative imagining of the form, and below is another, more radical shot at Super Bowl food: the buffalo wing cupcake.

Yes, it’s the real deal, and made by Coccadotts Cake Shop in Albany, N.Y. I say “radical” because while they are cupcakes, they’re not sweet. The “cake” base is cornbread, and the frosting is a bleu cheese-hot sauce hybrid. And then, of course, topped with an actual buffalo wing – not exactly dessert food itself. I’m not a bleu cheese fan, so I can’t say I’d particularly enjoy the cupcake, but I respect the effort, and for those who do like it, I imagine it would be pretty good. And it’s already gotten some good reviews. I eagerly await the next step in cupcake innovation.