Bullet Time Technology From ‘The Matrix’ Is Coming To The NFL

  • Eric Goldschein

cowboys cheerleader

Remember when you watched “The Matrix” for the first time and thought, wow, if only we could watch Cris Carter haul in a touchdown pass the same way we watch Keanu Reeves dodge bullets? Well, Cris Carter is out of the league now, and the next two “Matrix” movies ended up sucking a ton. But that bullet time dream is finally coming to fruition.

For “freeD,” or Free Dimensional Video, multiple cameras combine their images to form a three-dimensional, photo-realistic real-time scene. The rendering only takes about 30 seconds, and it allows viewers to watch instant replays in slow-motion from almost every angle. You may have seen something like it if you watch the Yankees on YES:

Japanese broadcasting company NHK pioneered the use of bullet time rigs, but NBC recently announced plans to use their own setup on Sunday Night Football games this season — beginning Sept. 8, when the Dallas Cowboys host the New York Giants in Week 1. Each side of both end zones will be outfitted with NBC’s 12-camera rigs, meaning it will be nigh impossible for refs to screw up a touchdown call, even though that will totally happen to your team anyway because you are cursed.

Cowboys Stadium — whoops, I mean, AT&T Stadium — is the only NFL stadium with the rigs at this point, but every team will get them soon. The future is here, football fans.


Photo via Getty