You Can Buy Jim Harbaugh’s Khakis For $500

  • Eric Goldschein

Somehow, in the week leading up the NFC Championship, which happens to be between two nasty NFC West rivals, one of the big stories has been what kind of pants Niners coach Jim Harbaugh wears, and how much he pays for them. The Internet is getting too damn big.

This all started when Harbaugh’s wife went on the radio and said her husband buys $8 pleasted khakis from Walmart, which she hates away because they’re not flattering. You know, typical husband-wife stuff that isn’t really worth talking about.

So Harbaugh switched to $23 pants from Dickey’s, because, in his words, “Happy wife, happy life.” Story over?


Are these the same pants, then? Dockers seem like they’d run higher than $8. Regardless:

Anybody who spends $500 on pants worn by another man because that man happens to coach a football team should be put in a home.