Call Of The Wild: Your Psychic Animal Super Bowl Prediction Roundup

  • Rick Chandler

As far as I can tell, God gave us dominion over the animals for one important reason: to one day make our Super Bowl picks. And these days so many beasts are predicting the winner of Sunday’s game that it’s gotten out of hand, and we had to give them their own roundup.

So who to believe? The first thing you should probably do is look at the photo above and take that info right to Vegas, because Buffett the Manatee has predicted the correct Super Bowl winner six years in a row. A resident of the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, FL, who has never been in the wild, Buffett made his pick with fellow marine mammal/NFL tout Hugh, who is also a manatee.

Buffett went with Denver, but it should be noted that Hugh, on a modest two-game Super Bowl winning streak of his own, chose Seattle.

Other animals weigh in on the big game below, among them a defiant porcupine who chose the Seahawks and can’t wait for Erin Andrews to ask him about it.