Calvin Johnson Hits Home Run In Batting Practice At Comerica Park, Reminds Us Why He’s Nicknamed “Megatron”

  • Glenn Davis

Calvin Johnson is really, really good at football. One could argue, in fact, that the Lions receiver is currently the NFL’s most dominant player regardless of position. He’s definitely getting paid like it, and with numbers like these, he’s playing like it. Clearly, he’s a guy who achieves athletic feats unimaginable to the most of us, and does it with regularity. And he proved yesterday that football isn’t the only sport in which he’s capable of achieving them:

True, this isn’t the first example of a non-baseball pro athlete hitting one out in batting practice, but it’s no less impressive. Johnson did play high school baseball, but considering it’s been just a bit of a layoff since then, he worked off the rust pretty damn quickly. If nothing else, at least the Madden curse obviously isn’t affecting Johnson’s baseball ability.

[Shutdown Corner]