Cam Newton Throws A 91-Yard Touchdown Pass After Breaking Peyton Manning’s Rookie Passing Record

  • Tom Lorenzo

What a rookie season Cam Newton is having. Not only had he already exceeded any and all expectations prior to the start of today’s matchup against the Bucs, but he’s now gone and broken Peyton Manning’s single-season rookie record for most passing yards. Something no NFL expert or prognosticator had him pegged to do.

Entering Saturday, Newton needed just 18 passing yards to trump Manning’s mark of 3,739 yards. Newton got to work early, exceeding that mark in the opening drive when he hit Brandon LaFell on a 7-yard pass. Not quite his most memorable pass of the season, but Newton certainly made up for the lack of his record-setting dramatics when he later hit LaFell on a 91-yard TD pass in the second quarter.

Here’s the video of Newton to LaFell, courtesy of our video editor CJ Fogler:

Now we’re left to discuss whether or not this is the best single-season performance by any rookie in NFL history. In fact, that question was posed on Twitter by Dan Shanoff, and to be honest it’s probably a question we could have asked weeks ago. At the very least, it’s safe to say that he now belongs in that conversation.

video via CJ Fogler