Video: Cam Newton Punctuates Touchdown Run With Deion-Sanders-Inspired Dance

  • Glenn Davis

What can’t Cam Newton do? Not much. Just recently, he ran the ball into the end zone from 14 yards out to give the Panthers a 17-14 lead over the Falcons, and as impressive as it is that a guy his size is running the ball like that against an NFL defense (not to mention completing 15 of 23 passes for 164 yards as of this writing), what more people will probably be talking about is what he did after he scored:

Not just any touchdown dance: a Deion Sanders touchdown dance. In Atlanta, where Prime Time starred for the Falcons (and not to mention it’s in Newton’s home state of Georgia). The wins haven’t come in bunches for the Panthers yet, but is there any doubt they will – and that Newton’s going to make sure things are never boring along the way? Not to us. Here’s the run itself:

Video of the dance from the talented Jose3030.