Cam Newton Breaks Rushing TD Record For Quarterbacks, Gives The Ball To Fan In “Mrs. Newton” Shirt

  • Glenn Davis

Today during a 38-19 win over the Buccaneers, Cam Newton became the NFL record-holder for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in a single season with 13, via a trio of one-yard scampers. Considering Newton’s Carolina Panthers still have four games left to play, it’s an especially impressive achievement. Also impressive: just how amazingly fan-friendly a player Newton is. After scoring, he went to the first-row end zone seats of a group of Panthers fan he somehow knew was there, and gave them the ball from his record-breaking run like it was nothing:

We also love the announcers’ reactions: stating the obvious (“That’s a lucky young lady there”), while also seeming a little aghast that Newton would just give up the ball like that. They were all but screaming, “The ball BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!!!” like Indiana Jones. As far as Newton’s goal of being an entertainer and icon as well as a great player, though: gestures like this are exactly what will help him get there. Oh, and by the way: the girl he gave the ball to was wearing a shirt that said “Mrs. Newton” on it.

Yeah: that’s one lucky young lady.

Video by CJ Fogler.