Cam Newton Has Had A Bum Ankle For At Least Three Years

  • Eric Goldschein

cam newtonEither the Panthers have made a major mistake by fixing Cam Newton once and for all, or we’re going to see an even more impressive Superman this year, judging by how good Newton has been with what was apparently an injured ankle for every year of his NFL career.

Newton had ankle surgery last week that’s expected to keep him off his feet for four months. According to Panthers coach Ron Rivera, Newton has had this injury since he came into the league from Auburn, and simply treated it each offseason until it got to playable condition. Via the Charlotte Observer:

But Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Newton’s ankle issues “probably” date to his time at Auburn, where Newton won the Heisman Trophy and led the Tigers to the 2010 national title during his only season at the school.

“They went through what they do normally. Every year it’s been the same thing for the last couple years. This time when he started, after the rest and everything, it wasn’t getting as well as fast as it had last time,” Rivera said Monday at the NFL owners meetings.

“They went through the (process), looked at it and decided this was the best course of action for him.”

This explains why Newton waited until March to have surgery that will keep him out through organized team activities — he thought he’d be able to play through it again. But apparently being injured for three, maybe four, maybe five years was too much. That doesn’t explain how he was medically cleared to play in the Pro Bowl, however.

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