Cam Newton Will Probably Be Fined For Acting Like A Giant, Supremely Athletic Child On Sunday

  • Dylan Murphy

The Carolina Panthers defeated the Oakland Raiders 17-6 yesterday, but Cam Newton and his 18-29 for 170 yards, 2 TDs (1 rush) and 1 INT were decidedly mediocre. Still, his team won, in a season in which his team hasn’t won all that much, so there was some good to come by. But Cam Newton, known child, couldn’t quite control himself amidst all that winning.

Leading 7-3 in the second quarter, Newton was sacked by Oakland’s Tommy Kelly on 3 and 10. Kelly then used Newton’s leg as leverage to stand up – a slightly dickish, though innocent move. This did not make Cam Newton happy. So with his other leg, he gave Kelly’s shoulder a retaliatory get-off-me kick.

Later in the game, Newton scrambled for a three-yard TD run. He celebrated his touchdown with his usual Superman shirt-ripping pantomime – you know, because Carolina is 6-9 – but not before throwing in a Heisman pose. Somebody should really remind Cam Newton that Carolina is 6-9. As in six wins, nine losses. Last in NFC South. Same record as the New York Jets. Yeah, those New York Jets.

And finally, the final incident, when Newton sprang up after a post-throw hit to presumably argue for a late hit flag. Referee Jerome Boger, though initially terrified by the sudden blast of Newton-rage in his ear, was wholly unimpressed, casually whipping out his flag for making contact with an official and assessing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Newton, as Ian Rapoport is reporting, will probably be fined for that official-bumping.

Do remember that the Panthers won on this day, in spite of Cam Newton’s insufferable antics. Apologies for the moral high-horsing, but Cam Newton is just the worst.

You can check out all of his shenanigans in the video below.