Cam Newton Pouts Over Teammate’s Touchdown That Should Have Been His

  • Joe Levine

Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton is as talented a player as he is a pouty, me-first baby. All of his skills were showcased on this play against the Chicago Bears.

First comes the athletic play-making ability. Cam watches this third-down play in the red zone breakdown and makes something out of nothing, scrambling towards the end zone. He gets to the one before fumbling across the goal line. An unfortunate end to an impressive bit of improvisation from Newton.

Cam Newton Run And Fumble

Luckily, Carolina receiver Louis Murphy was able to recover the fumble for the Carolina touchdown! Good, right? From the way Newton reacts, you’d think the Panthers just went three-and-out.

Cam Newton Peaces Out

No celebrating with his teammates, no “thank you” to Murphy for bailing him out. Instead, Cam, goes to the bench to chug Gatorade. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was just down on himself for fumbling, but considering he has a bit of a track record, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.

Just another day in Camland…

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