Can Fantasy Football Owners Learn From Bovada’s 2017 NFL ROY Odds?

  • David Gonos


Fantasy Football players love rookies because they represent the truly unknown, and that makes them giddy, thinking about getting a stud first-year player late in their drafts.

From a gambling perspective, putting a prop bet on which rookie will win the 2017 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year is an investment!

Bovada Sportsbook recently released their betting odds on who could win the 2017 ROY, and that should certainly pique the interest of Fantasy Football owners.

Following what Fantasy Football experts think is one thing, but looking at what sports books think is a whole other animal. These guys have millions of dollars on the line with the decisions they make when they create betting lines, including prop bets like this.

So we thought we’d go through their betting lines on the 2017 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year to see what we might be able to learn from a Fantasy perspective.

2017 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds vs. Fantasy Value

What do the prop betting odds for this award tell us from a Fantasy Football perspective?

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