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Rick Reilly Takes Unwarranted Shot At Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers Take Warranted Shot At Rick Reilly

  • Dylan Murphy

Rick Reilly is the most hated man on the internet. This is a fact. After the Carolina Panthers defeated the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night, Reilly hoped to redeem his now less than stellar reputation with some real news scooping. Like, say, this:

Though it seemed like a veiled attempt to pile on the Cam Newton-is-a-diva train, using a possibly isolated incident to hammer home a larger character flaw, facts are facts. Except Rick Reilly has proven that facts aren’t necessarily facts, but there was no evidence to the contrary.

That is until Steven Drummond, a media relations employee for the Carolina Panthers, stepped in to correct Reilly’s facts.

Of course it’s difficult to know who’s telling the truth, with the probably-not-objective Reilly on one side and public relations spinmaster Drummond on the other. Still, given Reilly’s track record, we’ll take Drummond’s word for it.