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Chad Johnson Reportedly Carried On “A Number Of Illicit Affairs” During His Short-Lived Marriage

  • Evan Sporer

Chad Johnson has had a downright awful summer. Arrested on domestic battery charges.
Cut by the Dolphins (on television, no less). Now, more of the Artist Formerly Known As Ocho’s dirty laundry is being aired on the internet.

Radar Online is reporting Chad “[carried] out a number of illicit affairs with several women for the past year,” including, according to Radar, cheating on ex-wife Evelyn just before the two got married. Further, Radar is saying Chad was paying rent for one of his mistresses, Amber Priddy, an aspiring model and stripper

“Chad has been paying Amber $2000 a month for her apartment and flying her in and out of Miami so they could meet up,” said our insider, but now the former Black Men Magazine Model Of The Year has been evicted from her apartment on Atlanta’s famous Peachtree Street, according to court documents, and she posted a plea on Twitter this week asking for help moving.

Unfortunately, the smart money’s on more women coming forward and making Chad — who, up to a few weeks ago, reveled in his lovable NFL goofball status — look like a Call of Duty-playing horndog.

[Via Radar]