We’re Not Sure Whether This Chad Johnson Hard Knocks Segment Is Depressing Or Inspiring

  • Glenn Davis

So, if you’ll remember, this happened, and then the Dolphins cut Chad Johnson. This was a depressing development for many reasons, as we said here, but ugly as the whole thing was, it didn’t cause Johnson to fade into obscurity – in fact, he’s still being featured on Hard Knocks. Last night’s concluding installment followed Johnson as he tries to get himself another shot in the NFL, and while he at least appeared determined, at least in our case, it was tough to come away feeling bullish on Johnson’s football future:

One reason for that was the bizarre Evelyn maybe-not-permanent tattoo. Nothing says “new and improved Chad Johnson” like a blatant publicity stunt.

Moreover, when Johnson says stuff like “I look good… still fast,” and “Chad Johnson – that fucker is good” – well, 15 catches all of last season and no catches in his only preseason action before his Dolphins release tell a different story. Yeah, he looked good in those workouts Hard Knocks showed and the aim of the segment seemed to be to prove that Johnson is ready to get back to work and own his mistakes, but… we’re just not sure another team is going to give Johnson a chance, so we’re in pretty much the same depressing place with him we were before.

Like Johnson says, he’s not that old at 34, but he’s at an age when most players are past their prime – and judging by his recent numbers, his best days are way behind him. And that’s not even factoring in the off-field drama. Maybe he’s really ready to pull it together now that he’s experienced the lowest point of his career, but we still can’t help but get the feeling that Johnson’s proclamations about how well he can still play won’t define his career going forward so much as something else he said in that clip above:

“I so fucked everything up.”