Chad Ochocinco Does Sweetest Thing Ever For Grieving Widow, Makes It Tough For You To Hate Him

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Chad Ochocinco’s schtick can sometimes be annoying, and his wedding proposal was the saddest of all time. But there’s no criticizing what he did here, which is just incredibly sweet.

He’s getting married to Evelyn Lozada tomorrow, on July 4th, and, due to his generosity, a grieving widow will be there to watch.

The woman, Cheryl Minton, recently lost her husband of 30 years and turned to Ochocinco to lift her spirits. He didn’t disappoint.

For as much crap as he takes, Ochocinco has always seemed like a good guy. And in typical Ocho fashion, he did this all via Twitter.

Way to go, Chad.

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