Chad Ochocinco Is Reading Glenn Beck’s New Book And Thinks His Political Views Are “Epic”

  • Alexandra Kuczynski-Brown

Chad Ochocinco claims to know politics. And whether in an effort to promote the notion of bipartisanship, or simply to stir people up, the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver tweeted on Saturday that he had started reading Glenn Beck’s new book Broke, and that the conservative radio host’s views on political and economic issues were “epic.”

Here’s what it looks like when Chad Ochocinco tweets at a conservative cable news pundit:

Needless to say, Ochocinco received some negative backlash and unfollows from his selection of airplane literature, though the Twitter guru was quick to point out that he was not a conservative and that — as of Chapter 3 — everything Beck said was “either common or his opinion based off research.” We’re assuming he meant “common sense,” which seems like a far cry from “epic,” but fortunately we might not have to wait long to learn the distinction, as the political commentator tweeted back that he would love to have Ochocinco on his show.

Ocho’s response? “Whenever you’re ready.”

Image via Getty.