Championship Franchise Duel: The Baltimore Ravens Took Shots At The Miami Heat Victory Parade

  • Ricky Boebel

The Baltimore Ravens’ Twitter account decided to take an unprovoked shot at the Miami Heat victory parade. Because even a second title won’t stop the internet from hating the Heat.

Here’s the tweet:

This is clearly a case of selective photo choice. Miami’s parade had 400,000 people at it. Here’s our version of this tweet if the Heat sent it out.
miami baltimore parade

I do enjoy that the Baltimore Ravens (a company) are taking shots at the people of Miami for no real reason. The parades aren’t even celebrating the same sport. You don’t see this in any other business besides sports. Can you imagine Microsoft (based in Seattle) sending out a tweet that made fun of people in California because they weren’t good customers?

It’s a strange move by the Ravens but I guess they wanted to remind everyone that football is still the nation’s No.1 sport. By the way there are 72 days until the NFL season kicks off, so try to keep it together for the next 10 weeks.

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