Channing Crowder Saw Michael Phelps Smoking A Blunt With Young Jeezy Three Weeks Before Michael Phelps Was Caught Smoking Weed

  • Dylan Murphy

Remember when Michael Phelps was caught taking a hit from a bong in that famous picture? Well, according to Channing Crowder, former Miami Dolphins linebacker and current co-host on “The Jorge Sedano Show” on 560 WQAM in Miami, he saw him smoke some weed three weeks prior. Controversy!

Via 560 WQAM:

“I’ll tell another one about swimmers. Michael Phelps. You know the whole thing about him smoking weed and the picture on TMZ. I was on South Beach. This is probably, three weeks, no exaggeration, before that. And it sounds crazy but anybody who know who Young Jeezy is, he’s in there, we have a section. I think it’s me and Ronnie got a section, and Jeezy. ‘Cause it’s Young Jeezy and Michael Phelps are in the next section over at B.E.D. down on South Beach. So I look I’m like, ‘Oh, you know that’s Jeezy or whatever I listened to him and I don’t know the man. But I’m from Atlanta, ‘Hey wassup I’m halfway drunk anyway so I’m a go say hi.’ I look I’m like, ‘Young Jeezy’s hanging out with a white guy.’ Big ol’ white boy. I’m like, ‘That’s Ryan Lochte. His shoulders are two times wider than mine.’ Not Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps. His shoulders are retarded wide, just crazy. Yeah I shook his hand, he’s blowing people off, he’s drunk too. And I see him hit the blunt later on when Jeezy passes…no lie! It’s amazing to me. I don’t get star struck or impressed by many people. But when I saw Young Jeezy hand Michael Phelps the blunt, that might’ve been my famous story of my life. I’ve met Jordan and LT and all them guys, but that was impressive to me.”

It really shouldn’t come as any surprise that Phelps had smoked weed beforehand, because you don’t just take a giant bong rip your first time smoking. Not that we know from experience, or anything.

If you care to hear the audio, here it is:

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