Charles Barkley’s Advice To NBA Teams: “You Keep The Wives And Girlfriends Away From Each Other”

  • Glenn Davis

As you might have heard, Kobe Bryant’s getting divorced, and the rumor swirling is that gossip among basketball wives helped lead to the split. Well, Jay Leno asked Charles Barkley for his thoughts on that last night, and like he does on every other subject in the world, Sir Charles had a strong opinion – namely, that gossip among basketball wives never ends well. (Guess we know what his favorite TV show isn’t.)

But that, of course, wasn’t all. As we said, Barkley has a strong opinion on everything. And because Barkley is involved with sports in any way at all, after the basketball wives discussion, Tim Tebow came up. And while Barkley seems much more fond of Tebow than gossiping about infidelity, everyone has a hype breaking point:

When even professed Tebow fans are saying enough’s enough, that might be a sign that the phenomenon is close to running its course. Then again, maybe Barkley’s only saying that because the Broncos lost on Sunday. If Tebow leads the Broncos to a dramatic last-second win again this coming weekend, you have our word that Tebow hype will soar higher than ever…and let’s face it, you’ll probably pay attention. And if Denver makes the playoffs? Forget it. Maybe there are enough people out there like Barkley that the fever pitch will die down soon, but we don’t think we’re at that point yet. Oh, and calling Kim Jong-Il “my man with the perm who just died”? Tremendous.