Chargers Announcer Makes Anti-Semitic Joke, Goes Bye-Bye For One Game

  • Rick Chandler

San Diego Chargers announcer Hank Bauer was only about 30 seconds from getting away totally unscathed on Sunday, as the San Diego-San Francisco preseason game was winding down at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Ohh, so close — but it was not to be. Bauer had to open his yap to tell one last joke, and this resulted:

Yep, here’s the play-by-play:

NBC San Diego:

In an exchange with on-air colleague Josh Lewin about people leaving the game early and abandoning their high-cost seats, Bauer said, according to a YouTube capture of the exchange: “But then again, you know how copper wire was invented? Somebody dropped a penny between Josh and his family member.”

He added: “I say that respectfully and endearingly, my partner.”

Yeah, that’ll fix everything.

Twitter immediately went nuts over the “joke”, and Bauer then issued these apology tweets:

Bad: Anti-Semitic joke. Worse: Non-apology apology.

So the Chargers responded with a symbolic punishment, suspending Bauer for one game (Thursday’s preseason finale with the Cardinals).

So if you’re Jewish and this didn’t offend you, cool. But that really means nothing if others were. The Chargers have the right to set the standard as to what’s acceptable for their broadcasters, and this obviously crossed the line. Although the fact that Bauer was suspended for the most meaningless game of the season could be seen as a reward, not a punishment.