The Stages Of A Gigantic Monday Night Football Choke Job: The Chargers’ Collapse, In Photos

  • Glenn Davis

The Chargers had themselves a full-on meltdown last night, squandering a 24-point halftime lead (at home, mind you) in an eventual 35-24 loss to the Broncos. We’ve been over this game some already, but it’s worth delving into a bit further. Surrendering 35 unanswered points hen you’ve been in complete control all game doesn’t just happen all at once: no, there are many phases through which such a large-scale self-destruction must pass. It’s not quite the five stages of grief, but as you’ll see below it’s the same basic idea. Behold: the breakdown of a Chargers breakdown. All photos via Getty:


Oh, and one more stage, actually: the “screw everything, man” stage. Via CJ Fogler:

And then it’s complete.