Eagles Punter Throws Pathetic Pass, Sets Punter’s Rights Movement Back 20 Years

  • Glenn Davis

The Eagles lost to the Bears last night, 30-24. There are always many different reasons a team loses a game, and last night was no exception for the Eagles. There was the fact that they allowed 164 yards rushing, and also allowed Jay Cutler to make some key plays. Michael Vick didn’t have his best game (21-38, 213 yards, no touchdowns, one interception). DeSean Jackson was targeted by Vick eight times but only recorded two catches for 16 yards…and lost a fumble. Yes, a loss is the result of many facets of the game not being quote good enough…but it’s way easier to just point and laugh at the punter:

That’s Chas Henry He’s a rookie out of Florida. He did a lot during his college career. He punted. As a senior, he kicked. He completed a pass for 15 yards, and ran three times for 25. And in high school, he actually was his team’s starting quarterback. So this isn’t some kicking-only specialist we’re talking about here…it just, um, looks like it in that fake punt above.

And now poor Henry will have to see this on film, knowing that he had an uncovered receiver who, had the pass been on target, had an easy first down at the very least, and a touchdown at most. And unfortunately for him, despite his quarterbacking past, the only way anyone can react seeing a pass like that is, “LOL PUNTER.”

Video by CJ Fogler (@cjzero).