Check Out Richie Incognito’s Favorite Website (Probably): Caste Football, The NFL For White Supremacists

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Note: This article was originally posted about three weeks ago, but I felt it was worth a Thanksgiving day re-post. I would like to give thanks to the vast majority of white and non-white people that AREN’T white supremacists, by making fun of the small number who are. Ignore the irony of the mentions of bigotry on a day that set the table (pun!) for years of mistreatment of Native Americans. Actually, don’t. Acknowledge it and yell at the white person next to you. (I’m white and have a white friend so it’s cool.)

Richie IncognitoYou’ve heard many perspectives on the bullying/hazing/racism-ing story of Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin and the Miami Dolphins. You’ve heard about it on the Colbert Report. You’ve heard a smart take from Brandon Marshall. You’ve heard about it (multiple times) from us.

But, strangely, you’ve heard nothing from Incognito and brother Riley Cooper’s favorite website, Caste Football.

(Note: I came across Caste Football a few years ago when I wrote a post titled “Why Colt McCoy and Peyton Hillis aren’t the Browns’ saviors” amidst a short hot streak, and white supremacists accused me of being racist, linking to this website. I have written my fair share of poor predictions, but I am undefeated against Klansmen.)

The headlines are so damn ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh. I must share them with you.


(Note: There is a forum on the website. I won’t link to it. They discuss Incognito. Look if you must. But you probably shouldn’t look.)

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