Quick! What’s The Last Team You’d Suspect Of Sending Five Players To The Pro Bowl?

  • Dan Fogarty

Yep. The Chiefs. The Kansas City Chiefs. The same Kansas City Chiefs that are currently sitting pretty at 2-13.

So: How did this happen?

Well, Jamaal Charles is an obvious choice. He’s the AFC’s leading rusher, and, only a year removed from a cataclysmic knee injury, should reach 1,500 yards Sunday. So he makes sense.

But who else from this lowly squad — the one that inspired this heartbreaking Chirstmas listis going to Hawaii?

Safety Eric Berry and outside linebacker Tamba Hali were selected as starters. Charles, inside linebacker Derrick Johnson and punter Dustin Colquitt are Pro Bowlers as well.

Welp. Hooray?

Important note before we go back to not caring about the Pro Bowl: The only AFC teams to send more players this year are New England, Baltimore, and Houston. All three of those teams are division champions. (Reminder: The Chiefs are 2-13.)