Chip Kelly Fires Back At Reporter’s Questions On Kaepernick

Chip Kelly Fires Back At Reporter’s Questions On Kaepernick
  • Dan Russo

The most controversial and media-crazed story in sports over the last month is without a doubt Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem to protest injustice in America. The San Francisico 49ers quarterback’s protest has been so far-reaching that Time Magazine featured Kaepernick on the cover of their October issue.

Anyone remotely familiar with the story following Kaepernick’s protests and the events surrounding it knows that it has more untimely twists than an episode of Game of Thrones. The latest events under protest by Kaepernick are the shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte, which resulted in civil unrest in the two cities.

One of the burning questions surrounding the San Francisco quarterback is why haven’t the NFL or the 49ers coaches and management stopped his on-field protesting?

Kelly answered questions from reporters about Kaepernick’s protest and his handling of the quarterback in a press conference. One thing was clear from Kelly’s responses: he’s got his backup signal-caller’s back.

Not only did Kelly stuff one reporter’s accusatory line of questioning back down his throat and defend the quarterback’s freedom of speech, he doused any implication that the protest has been a distraction in the 49ers’ locker room or a hinderance to Kaepernick doing his job as a backup.

Whatever criticisms remain about the managing of Colin Kaepernick, within his job as the football coach of an NFL team Chip Kelly just handled the situation masterfully.