Chris Cooley Insists That RG3 Is Going To Dominate The NFL Next Year

  • Matt Rudnitsky


I don’t usually like to overreact to a quote, but it feels noteworthy that Chris Cooley is freaking out about how much better Robert Griffin III is going to be next year. Remember: He came back very quickly from a torn ACL and didn’t look like himself all year.

This was before Griffin was permitted to work out with his teammates at Redskins Park; Cooley instead took the QB to his own gym, Lifetime Fitness near Ashburn. The men took turns running routes and throwing passes to each other.

“It’s unbelievable,” Cooley reported. “He’s another person right now. I was like, ‘you’re running unbelievably well.’ It was silly to watch….When you watch him run, you’re like ‘You’re a freak. You’re seriously a freak.’”

Cooley hastened to add that the brace wouldn’t be the only difference between 2013 Griffin and the current model. He speculated that Griffin was reluctant to stick his foot in the ground and cut hard last season. He also said Griffin’s legs could not been in ideal shape for a season after not being able to run for much of last offseason.

“That said, he’s healthy and his knee is good to go now,” Cooley said. “I remember when he came into camp his rookie year, you’d watch him and you were like ‘You’re a freak show. You’re freakily athletic.’ And I definitely saw that again.”

RG3 is going to take over the world next year. (Or maybe Chris Cooley just wanted us to remember that he exists.)