Activist Who Also Punts For The Vikings, Chris Kluwe, Thinks He Might Get Cut For Being Outspoken

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Chris Kluwe is a punter for the Minnesota Vikings, but the world knows him for his gay rights activism and his coinage of the term, “lustful cockmonster.” A man who coins such a wondrous phrase should get NFL tenure, but that’s unrealistic with Roger Goodell at the helm. In fact, Kluwe might get cut. And he thinks it’s because he talks a lot and is a lot more famous than a non-transcendent punter (if there is such a thing) should be.

Last fall, after Kluwe publicly supported fellow kicker Ray Guy for the Hall of Fame, Vikings special-teams coach Mike Priefer had had enough. “Those distractions are getting old for me, to be quite honest with you,” he said at the time.

And now, those “distractions” could be what is costing Kluwe a job, at least in his estimation. In the fifth round, the Vikings selected punter Jeff Locke, the first selection of a punter in the draft. And Kluwe knew exactly what was going on. After the selection, Kluwe offered this tweet:

Because it’s “distracting” to have your players speak, just as it’s “distracting” that your wife is eating while you are.

Later, he zeroed in on what he believes is the issue: his outspoken nature. “It’s a shame that in a league with players given multiple second chances after arrests, including felony arrests, that speaking out on human rights has a chance of getting you cut,” Kluwe said in a text message, according to Pro Football Talk.

Picking a punter in the fifth round makes me chuckle, but it doesn’t make Chris Kluwe chuckle. He’s probably gone. It seems more likely that Kluwe’s potential $1.4 million base salary is the real deterrent, but if it’s the speaking out thing, that’s sad. Either way, the Vikings picked a punter in the fifth round, and offered to pay one $1.4 million. If that’s not the most Vikings thing ever, then I don’t know what is. Extend Christian Ponder, sign Tebow and become Jets Midwest, already.

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