One Of The Questions Roger Goodell Answered In His Reddit AMA Was From Chris Kluwe, Who Rickrolled Him

  • Dylan Murphy

From 2:00-3:00 p.m. today, Roger Goodell held a Reddit AMA because Roger Goodell is all about the fans. Of course he only managed to answer 14 questions, the tiny handful of softballs the commish could smack out of the park with some pre-wrapped jargon about the NFL and together and safety and whatever else. He also snuck in a last-word shot at the New Orleans Saints, confirming that they will still lose their 2nd round pick in 2013. Priorities.

Goodell did, however, address a probing yet mostly respectful question regarding the disconnect between the fans’ desire for bloodlust and his sham priority of safety. The answer was shockingly measured and non-answering, hitting the buzzword “safety” three times and delving aimlessly into a history lesson about what the NFL has done to make the game safer. But why did he answer this question, specifically? Maybe because it came from Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, a frequent redditor.

Well, no: because it doesn’t seem likely that the Commish would willingly miss a rickroll reference.