Vikings’ Chris Kluwe, To ESPN’s Skip Bayless: “I Hope You Fall…Onto A Burning Pile Of Rusted AIDS Needles.”

  • Glenn Davis

It’s open season on ESPN First Take troll Skip Bayless for NFL players. Yesterday, the Ravens’ Terrell Suggs told him to “stop being a douchebag”. This followed a couple tweets from Vikings punter Chris Kluwe a day prior, who called Bayless a “s–t-spewing e-thug” and urged him to “go french kiss a flamethrower.” And yesterday, in a Q&A with Bob Sansevere of the Pioneer Press in St. Paul, Kluwe expanded on those feelings…mostly with this:

“I’ve got plenty [more insults]. One I haven’t used, but I’m saving up if they ever invite me on to First Take (with Bayless): ‘I hope you fall down an elevator shaft onto a burning pile of rusted AIDS needles.'”

Well, it’s not exactly “saved” now, but: wow. Believe us, we don’t always feel great about paying attention to Bayless either, but with a line like that, Kluwe leaves us with no choice. As…thorough an insult as that is, though, Kluwe might run the risk of looking like the crazier person. When the person you’re debating (or yelling at, or begging to fall on a pile of AIDS needles, whatever you call it) is Bayless, that’s no small feat, and we wonder if Kluwe might not want to unleash all these lines.

But that line. It’s…really something else. “Burning pile of rusted AIDS needles” sounds like something Louis C.K. might use on a heckler, which is the highest compliment we can pay it. And the fact that Kluwe’s facing basically no backlash is…not a compliment to Bayless. It’s just as well Kluwe got that out of his system now, too, because, well, he probably shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for that First Take invite after that one.

Star Tribune photo (by Carlos Gonzalez), via