VIDEO: Christina Aguilera Sings National Anthem At Super Bowl XLV

  • Dan Fogarty

Christina Aguilera sang the national anthem at tonight’s Super Bowl, and, for all of those who held  held the note “brave” at the end of the stars and stripes for just over 6 seconds (based on our calculations).

Aguilera, of course, was the source for two of the more creative bets being placed on tonight’s game: how long she would hold the “brave” note at the end (the over/under was 6 seconds), and how long her performance would be (the over/under was 1 minute 54 seconds). The performance itself was clocked at 1 minute 54 seconds by some, while others had it at exactly 1 minute 56 seconds.

One Green Bay player was seen crying on the sidelines during the performance. But not everyone was so touched.

ESPN’s Amy Nelson tweeted, “Did xtina just mess up the lyrics? Or was I imagining it?”

Joe Posnanski of Sports Illustrated asked, “Blowing the words of the anthem at the Super Bowl. Wow. Do they take away one of her five Grammys for that? Two?”

CNBC’s Darren Rovell was concerned with the betting implications, noting “Christina Aguilera just killed the National Anthem bet by singing the wrong words. Easily would have gone over 2 minutes.”

Watch video of Aguilera’s performance here.